Opportunity to be part of a unique success story


Phase I Offer of 00,000,000 Offer Shares at Bzs 000 per Offer Share

(including Offer expenses of Bzs 2 per Offer Share)


Owner of the largest seawater desalination plant in Oman


Leveraging high-efficiency RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology


Strategic asset contributing an additional 20% of the Oman's total water production


20-year water purchase agreement with the Government


Strong and experienced shareholders


Owner of the largest seawater desalination plant in Oman

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Phase I Offer Opens: 00 Month, 2020
Phase I Offer Closes: 00 Month, 2020

Dates for Phase II (Retail subscription) offer will be announced after the close of Phase I subscription

Key Highlights
IPO Booklet
K4K report
Financial statement
How to apply

Applications only through E-IPO

Investors who wish to subscribe will have to examine and carefully review the Prospectus in order to decide whether it would be appropriate to invest in the Offer Shares. Investors willing to subscribe should contact their Collection Brokers or apply through the Collection Banks digital channels or by filling the application form on the Muscat Clearing & Depository website (www.mcd.gov.om) and submitting it to the Collection Banks.

Collection agents

For more information

For any queries on the IPO or subscription process, you could also get in touch with the Issue Manager and direct your queries to

Disclaimer For risk factors and mitigants, refer to the Prospectus.