Delivering on our Social Responsibility

We are passionate about being a responsible business that contributes positively to the community. With a firm belief in our values we constantly engage in programs that deliver on our social commitments.


We are aligned to national objectives of Omanisation, committed to creating and providing jobs for Omani nationals, and in training and empowering them to progress in their careers. We are proud to have a number of Omani nationals, who contribute to our performance and success.

Diversity & Inclusion

We support diversity and believe in creating an inclusive culture both within the company and with external stakeholders. We also recognise the diversity of the communities in which we operate and we embrace and reflect these differences where possible in the people we employ and the way we work.


We are passionate about the environment, and inspired by ENGIE and SUEZ to contribute to the global effort towards sustaining biodiversity and the health of our basis and corals. We engage with stakeholders in campaigns to create awareness and impact towards the preservation of the rich marine environment of Oman, through our partnerships with local authorities and non-profits.

Supporting the local community

Barka Desalination Company plays an active role in the vicinity of Barka through its CSR activities, by implementing sustainable solutions including social progress.

In May 2020, we donated used laptops and accessories to the Zakat Committee in Barka.

During Ramadan in 2021, we donated family baskets for the needy through the Zakat committee in Barka

To inspire and support students in Barka, in 2021 we donated 38 tab devices through the Wali of Barka